Covet & Mane® Creating Premium and Proprietary Hair

Higher Standard for Ethical, Expert-Crafted Wefts

Dafina Smith compare hair extensions at a salon workshop.

A Production Process Designed to Deliver Luxury

We craft our proprietary Cut-Point Wefts from high-density, cool-toned virgin hair and meticulous, cuticle-preserving processes so you can deposit color quickly, lift to platinum without brassiness, and customize our complementary lengths with ease.


Sorting the Hair

We ethically source our hair from the Western regions of China. Women are fairly compensated for their hair and then it is brought to the factory for a meticulous sorting process.

Two woman sorting out the hair in Covet and Mane hair factory

Testing the Hair

Every bundle is tested to ensure it is virgin & cuticle Intact hair. The hair is meticulously sorted by whether it has a blue or red undertone to determine if it can be dyed blonde. We only use hair that can be bleached to blonde (even for dark hair), so that it remains cool over time.

A woman is making Covet & Mane hair extensions in the Covet & Mane factory
Color Prep

Covet & Mane® uses a proprietary process to ensure the cuticle remains intact & aligned throughout the entire coloring process. While we can’t show you the process, take our word for it – this process is unique and the key to ensuring tangle-free hair extensions.

Women are standing at work, they are in the process of creating Covet & Mane hair extensions.

First, the hair undergoes a slow & precise de-pigmentation process. The color is lightened by an oxidation method that uses a proprietary blend of lightening agents to preserve the cuticle integrity.

Steam is coming from a large pan, and the process of hair pigmentation is underway.

During the Re-pigmentation process, precise attention to detail is required. We use a permanent textile dye that stains the cortex of the hair to ensure color longevity. The hair is constantly agitated for thorough & even color saturation.

Covet & Mane hair extensions are being repigmentated in a large pan.

Every bundle of hair is washed at least 30 times. During cleansing & conditioning, proprietary treatments are constantly reformulated to respond to seasonal changes. The hair is smoothed before it is air-dried to allow for a silky feel without silicones or fillers.

Women's hands wash hair extensions in a tub with water.
Double Drawn

The short hairs are removed from every bundle to ensure that the hair is thick from root to tip. Over 90% of our hair is at least the quoted length.

Covet & Mane thick one length hair extensions.
Color Blending

The hair is weighed and sorted for precisely customized color formulations. The hair is now ready to begin the hand-tying process.

The hair is weighed and sorted for precisely customized color formulations.
The Hand-Tied Process

It takes a worker one hour to make each hand-tied weft — It takes one day to make one bag of hair. Our hand-tied wefts use a proprietary cut-point weft feature that allows the hand-tied weft to be cut without unraveling.

A man in the process of hand-weaving each weft by Covet & Mane.

"Our goal is simple: to provide you with best-in-class-hair that you and your clients can rely on, always."

Covet&Mane founder Dafina Smith.

Dafina Smith

Founder & CEO

Hairdresser's tools and blonde hair extensions on a black mat.
Sourced From Experts, Perfected for Artists

Covet & Mane® hair means business—yours. Our hand-crafted wefts elevate your artistry and extend your influence, serving as the essential, exquisite foundation of your stylist station and your look book. Sourced ethically from western China and meticulously prepared through an innovative proprietary process, our versatile extensions are available in a wide range of lengths, rich, dimensional colors, and soft, diverse textures. Cater to your clients’ unique needs and deliver gorgeous results every time with Covet & Mane®.

We Are Committed to Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing Practices

Dedicated Brokers

We ensure our hair from China and India meets high standards. Without FDA oversight, we rely on trusted brokers and direct sourcing from Tirupati Temple for ethical quality.

Regional Integrity

We source hair with honesty from China and India, avoiding the industry's common mislabeling. Our transparency maintains sourcing integrity.

Women-Empowered Ownership

As a female-led company, we support women's roles in our partner factories and workforce, promoting gender equality in our operations.

Fair Compensation

We're committed to ethically compensating hair donors, ensuring our products are responsibly sourced through fair practices.