Create Dimension, Natural Vibrancy and Full, Rich Looks

Covet & Mane® Guides

A trainer at Covet & Mane demonstrates hair extension techniques to an observing group.
the color guide

Creating Dimension with Color

By incorporating at least 2 to 3 distinct colors, such as the illustrative examples of Dubai, Cape Town, Milan, and Portofino, stylists can achieve a dynamic, real-world effect that enhances the natural beauty of the hair.

"The Color Guide" showing a range of hair extension hues for creating layered color effects.
"The Weft Guide" chart showing recommended weft counts for various hair lengths.
the weft guide

Mastering Volume & Length

From chic bobs and lobs requiring 4 to 6 wefts, to subtle length styles needing 8 to 10 wefts, and longer layered looks that call for 10 to 14 wefts, this guide provides clear, practical advice for every length category. For those seeking dramatic transformation with XXL length, 14 to 16 wefts are recommended to achieve unparalleled fullness and length.

the row guide

Customising Hair Extensions

We suggest starting by addressing the client's length goals: maintaining the current length, adding at least 4 inches, or opting for XXL lengths. For clients aiming to preserve their existing length but seeking to enhance volume, one row may suffice for a subtle enhancement, while two rows can offer a more noticeable transformation. Those desiring significant length and volume increases, such as achieving XXL lengths, might consider two to three rows to ensure a balanced, voluminous outcome.

Diagram of "The Row Guide" for hair extension volume and maintenance by row count.