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Covet &Mane Client Gifts

On a beige-pink background lie the client's gifts, such as a shower cap, patches, clips, and a black handbag.

Sleep by Covet and Mane®

Step up your bedtime routine and achieve the heatless waves of your dreams with Sleep by Covet & Mane®, created so you can put your hair to work while you sleep.

Pink sleeping accessories lie on a white background.
Sleep by Covet and Mane®

Beauty Rest Reinvented

This 5-piece silk sleep set provides a healthy, damage-free alternative to creating smooth, heat-free waves — saving you time in the morning with a ready-to-go-style.

Silk pink Sleep by Covet & Mane® cap, elastic band and Wave rod lie on a white background.

What's Included

A pink Silk WaveRod on a white background.

A Silk Wave Rod, providing a heat-free alternative for creating waves without causing damage.

Pink Claw clip on a white background.

A pink Claw Clip to secure hair and hold the Silk WaveRod in place overnight.

Pink Silk scrunchies on a white background.

Silk Scrunchies that reduce tension commonly associated with traditional hair elastics.

Pink Silk Turban on a white background.

A Silk Turban designed to retain your hair’s moisture and shine, and to protect your hair while you sleep.

Client Gifts as Seen on Customers

C&M Reusable Under Eye Patches

Indulge in a soothing experience with C&M's reusable under-eye patches, designed to revitalize and awaken tired eyes.

White Under Eye Patches lie in a silver box on a white background.
On a brown background lies a silver box and white patches.
C&M reusable under eye patches

Boosted Hydration: Reusable Eye Masks for Enhanced Skincare Absorption

Reusable eye masks to enhance ingredient absorption for boosted hydration and maximum skincare benefits.

C&M Shower Caps

Our shower cap is expertly designed for hair protection during showers, featuring a no-slip silicone grip for assured stability. With a soft inner liner, it's the perfect hair care gift for your clients.

A white shower cap with gray patterns lies on a white background.
A white shower cap with gray patterns stands on a brown background.
C&M shower caps

Silky Protection: Shower Caps Crafted for Hair Care Excellence

Keep your hair dry and styled with our luxurious shower cap, made from high-quality, waterproof, recyclable materials. Designed for ultimate protection and convenience, it features a secure, no-slip silicone grip inside to ensure it stays firmly in place during your shower routine.

C&M Creaseless Clips

C&M's Creaseless Clips offer a seamless styling experience, keeping hair in place without leaving any unwanted marks or creases.

White clips with black inserts lie on a white background.
The black matte box contains creaseless clips.
C&M creaseless clips

Sleek Styling Essentials: Elevate Your Hair Game

Our creaseless clips are perfect for easy, precise styling without damaging hair or leaving marks. Durable and stylish, these four chic clips are great for home styling or as a thoughtful gift.

“Covet & Mane® created the most amazing heatless curl system!”

Angela Goff smiles at the camera.

Angela Goff

The Mane Atelier

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Dive into Covet & Mane's® essential hair care guides, your ultimate resource for maintaining flawless locks. Discover expert tips and tricks tailored to keep your hair looking its best, so you can make the most out of your investment.

Signature Covet & Mane® package with sleeping accessories.