"Concealed has changed the game. It’s customizable. It lays so flat. I can’t say enough good things."

A Method Designed to Elevate Best-in-Class Artists

Concealed is a Method Designed with Expert Stylists in Mind

This is it - our flagship course from The Academy. Covet & Mane® Concealed Method is a completely customizable hidden bead method. Concealed has no end beads, flexibility to place hair higher and a complete 180 degree row movement.

Concealed by Covet & Mane®

Our Flagship Course from The Academy

The Concealed Method was developed to create the best possible experience for salon clients and the stylists who serve them — from the very first consultation through weeks of grow-out, unrivaled comfort with less chair time, and a technique that can be flexed to fit each expert artist's unique style and diverse clientele. Discover more about our comprehensive training program and how you can elevate your hair extension techniques with our Concealed Methodology course.

The teacher stands next to the stylist and controls the process of hair extensions for the model, who is sitting in a beige chair for hairdressers.
Concealed Certification

Flexible Pricing Options

Individual Stylist
Single ticket
Accountability partner
Live coaching calls
Covet & Mane® directory listing
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Most popular
Salon Duo
2 to 4 tickets (Best seller sticker)
Most popular
Live coaching calls
Covet & Mane® directory listing
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Salon Certification
5 to 10 tickets
Transform your organization
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"Concealed offers my guests the versatility to be completely customized to their scalp, hair, desires and look they are trying to achieve. I love that this isn’t one size fits all method and we can customize placement to each guest all while keeping the scalp health our number one priority."

Johanna Atwood beautiful woman smiling at the camera.

Johanna Atwood


The Concealed Difference

We believe an artist’s best work comes when they create from a place of ease, efficiency, and excellence. We have developed our training and certification program to support artists in developing their style, honing their craft, and having fun along the way.

A woman receiving hair extensions from another woman. Experience personalized style with Covet & Mane's essential installation method.

Customizable for Comfortability

 The picture shows the process of hair extensions by Covet & Mane with Tension-free.

Tension Free & Styling Flexibility

Woman's head with white dot, showcasing Covet & Mane hair extensions using Hybrid Anchor-Bead Technique.

Hybrid Anchor-Bead Technique

Graduates *Really* Love Concealed

"If you're serious about extension work, this is for you."
 Kris Magalong is a pretty brunette looking at the camera. Kris Magalong is a pretty brunette looking at the camera.

Kris Magalong

Goldie & Co.

"If you're just starting out with extensions this is the course you should start with."
Alicia Carlile beautiful woman with red lipstick.Alicia Carlile beautiful woman with red lipstick.

Alicia Carlile

Sensa Salon

"Don't even hesitate, concealed is an incredible program. Zero regrets."
Amanda Miller holds her hair in her hands and takes a selfie.

Amanda Miller

Twig & Arrow

"Rest assured, this investment was worth every penny."
Anna Reynolds poses for the camera.

Anna Reynolds

Willow Collective

"Concealed is applicable for everyone beginners and experienced professionals alike."
Amanda Blackwell is a sweet woman smiling for the camera.

Amanda Blackwell

Pink Salon & Extensions Studio

"Concealed is knowledge that we can use to immediately improve our practice and grow our business."
Angela Goff with red hair smiles at the camera.

Angela Goff

Copper & June Parlour

Expectations & Outcomes: Concealed Certification Program

Cohort based training

Each group will have an even number of students, totaling 10-14 people, a lead educator and a co-educator.

Stylist to stylist installation

You will install the method on another stylist and also receive an installation yourself.

Scalp health and foundations

Our Hybrid Anchor Bead Method was designed with comfort in mind to give clients a tension-free experience.

Online and in person support

Work asynchronously with the online content and reinforce what you learn while building new, valuable relationships.

Accountability partnership

You will be partnered before your in person session to motivate and support one another, creating a bond that goes beyond the coursework.

Access to live coaching calls

Get real time answers from your educator and connect with Covet & Mane® before meeting our team in person.

Hair Extension business insights

We go beyond hair extensions and share business boosting insights with one another.

Complimentary community Access

The first year is entirely free. After that, community access is a nominal charge

“I love the customization that Concealed provides me. The color placement possibilities, comfort, and beautiful grow-out is a game changer!”

A beautiful woman Johanna Atwood

Johanna Atwood

Goldie & Co

A 7-Week Immersion

Concealed by Covet & Mane® is a digital course with live training, accompanied by an invitation for a two-day in-person component at our HQ & studios in New York City. We’ve designed the curriculum to bring the magic of in-person training to you. We’ve used top-of-the-line, 4K video production to provide the detailed technique in high definition. Students receive downloadable worksheets and structured coursework as well as Live Coaching Calls.

  • Consultation & Maintenance
  • Technical Installation
  • Business Building & Pricing Strategy
 The teacher and the stylist will practice the skill on a model who is sitting in a hairdressing chair. The teacher and the stylist will practice the skill on a model who is sitting in a hairdressing chair.
Close-up of a woman's head in the process of hair extensions.
Concealed by Covet and Mane®

Concealed Certification Value Extends Well Beyond the Price of Admission

The course valued $5000
Hybrid installation classes

Your Concealed Method tool kit valued at $250
A physical kit delivered to your doorstep that includes practice hair.

Calls valued at $1000
Expert live coaching

The community valued at $1500
Current cohort member and alumni forum

Career boosting bonuses (savings and opportunities valued at $3000+)


Ready to Get Certified? Here Are the 2024 Dates and Locations

New York City, a  metropolis bursting with iconic landmarks.

New York, NY

September 15th & 16th

Why we love it: New York City, a bustling metropolis bursting with iconic landmarks, diverse cultures, and endless energy, offers an unparalleled urban adventure where the arts, fashion, and gastronomy meet on the grand stage of the city that never sleeps.

Minnetonka merges modern sophistication with historical charm, showcasing a dynamic skyline.

Minnetonka, MN

September 22nd & 23rd

Why we love it: Dallas merges modern sophistication with historical charm, showcasing a dynamic skyline, a thriving arts district, and a culinary landscape that boasts everything from authentic Tex-Mex to innovative fine dining, embodying the heart and soul of Texas.

Nashville with stunning high-rises and skyscrapers.

Nashville, TN

October 13th & 14th

Why we love it: Nashville strikes a chord with its deep musical roots, where every street echoes the sounds of country, blues, and rock 'n' roll, complemented by historic landmarks and a lively culinary scene that's as soulful as its music.

Scottsdale with stunning desert landscapes and a vibrant cultural scene.

Scottsdale, AZ

October 27th & 28th

Why we love it: Scottsdale dazzles with its stunning desert landscapes and vibrant arts scene, offering an oasis of luxury resorts, world-class golf courses, and outdoor adventures under the sweeping Arizona sun.

Meet Your Certified Stylists

Beautiful woman Meghann DeWees stands against the backdrop of skyscrapers in a white sweater.

Meghann DeWees


"I love the transformation and confidence I can provide a guest in a few hours. I became an extension artist to elevate the services I offered to my guests and create on another level."

Diasha Hollingsworth takes a selfie.

Diasha Hollingsworth

Salon Lofts - Sandy Springs Gateway

"I have been behind the chair in Atlanta, GA knocking on 18 years. Extensions have helped many beauties achieve hair goals they've only imagined. Enhancing clients already beautiful hair to a longer, fuller and gorgeous blended color brings me joy."

Megan Diez poses for the camera with her expressive appearance.

Megan Diez

Megan Diez salon

"As an extension specialist and hair extension educator, my mission is giving women back their confidence through hair extensions and giving stylists the confidence to deliver that same goal. I'm obsessed with the hard stuff. I love a good transformative and corrective color and matching it perfectly with your extensions."

Sarah Moscato-Goodpaster with wavy beautiful hair against a graffiti background.

Sarah Moscato-Goodpaster


"Once I discovered beaded row extension methods I realized how customizable and diverse they could be for my clients, but also my own hair. Joining the Covet and Mane® Collective was a no brainer."

A stylist demonstrates his skills on a model in a group of people.
Concealed by Covet and Mane®

Concealed Certification Equates to Business

We reward our graduates with benefits only available to The Coveted. We understand that when you commit to the course, you're committing to a better you and we want to help you get there. The benefits are aligned to that aspiration.

  • Listing on the Concealed lead generation page.
  • Access to exclusive Covet & Mane® PR and influencer opportunities.
  • Early and exclusive access to new products and colors from Covet & Mane®.
  • Preferred pricing for The Experience and other Covet & Mane® events.
  • Access to exclusive discovery kits, each with a comp value of $450.

“I truly feel Covet & Mane® is a company I can stick with for years to come.”

Angela Goff - a beautifil woman

Angela Goff

Angela Goff Styling
Concealed methodology by Covet and Mane®

The Concealed Program is Both an Online and In-Person Experience to Maximize Learning Potential and Value

Seven weeks online
  • Week 1: Parting
  • Week 2: Beadwork & Weft Placement
  • Week 3: Stitching & Removal
  • Week 4: Prepare for in-person with Consultation Calls
  • Week 5: In-person
  • Week 5: Model 1
  • Week 5: Model 2
Two days in-person
  • Live model installation
  • Advanced color
  • Placement and blending tips and tricks
  • Stylist to stylist installation
  • The business of you: your personal brand and more
A teacher is in the process of showing hair extensions on a model.

“Becoming certified in Concealed by Covet & Mane® has completely changed the game. I love how customizable it is, not only for clients but for the stylists as well. This method lays so flat and is very comfortable right off the installation. I can’t say enough good things about this method.”

Abigayle Seymour - a sweet woman sitting on a chair in a white space.

Abigayle Seymour

K Rae Salon & Spa

Hear What Concealed Alumni Have to Say

You Have Questions - We Have Answers.

How is Concealed different?

We took a step back and addressed common situations clients and stylists have come across! Our method allows for a seamless installation at the corners, a flexible flip-up right after installation for guest comfort, and to remove tension points for scalp health.

Who is Concealed For?

We created the method to cater to all hair types. Whether you have fine, medium or thick hair, Concealed can be customized to fit you. Professionals who attend Concealed prioritize luxury, excellence, and sophistication in hair enhancement solutions.

What is the learning curve?

The goal of Concealed was to create a faster, more efficient way to install. We have found that stylists have picked this method up quickly and can teach it to their team with ease.


In our courses we demonstrate the versatility of Concealed by Covet & Mane, showing hair can be styled in various ways for diverse clients. The methodology is rooted in individualism, efficiency and lasting performance.

2024 Registration is Now Open!

We believe an artist’s best work comes when they create from a place of ease, efficiency, and excellence. We have developed our training and certification program to support artists in developing their style, honing their craft, and having fun along the way.

A group of women listen attentively to a stylist in a conference room.