How do I find a stylist who works with Covet & Mane® extensions?

Visit The Stylist Locator Map to connect with the Collective—hand-picked artists and experts who can cut, install, and style our wefts the way they were intended to be used and who can provide the extension experience we know you deserve.

What is The Coveted site?

The Coveted is your source of information, whether you’re looking for a stylist or are one. Find product recommendations, styling tips and tricks, and specialized stylists right around the corner. We made The Coveted for you—so you can have the hair of your dreams, perfect your craft, and protect your investment.

How long do Covet & Mane® extensions last?

You can extend the life of your extensions through proper care and maintenance for wefts that last up to a full year.

What products do you recommend?

For wefts that work best, we suggest lightweight, moisturizing products, made without sulfates and parabens. We’re big fans of brands like Mr. Smith, Iles Formula, Oribe, and Kevin Murphy, but we’re always expanding our curated list. For personalized advice and at-home hair care, ask your extension expert for their go-to products.

The Collective

What is The Collective?

If you’re committed to your craft, intent on making an impact, and always in pursuit of your art, you are the Collective. Anyone with a Covet & Mane® account is part of the Collective, a hand-picked group of experienced stylists who have exclusive access to Covet & Mane® wefts and a host of other benefits.

What is The Coveted?

The Coveted is a curated round-up of our best and boldest artists. Every quarter, we put out an updated list based on exclusivity, longevity, specialty, and location. To see your name among the most coveted stylists, apply here.

What does it mean to be a Coveted Stylist?

It means you exude craftsmanship, creativity, and commitment. It means you deserve premiere access to our latest launches and pilot programs and should be listed on our VIP stylist locator map, where clients can more easily find your salon. It means you can host in-person classes and share your gift with fellow stylists. And it means we believe in you.

The Collections

How many cut points do the hand-tied wefts have?

We’re proud to bring you proprietary hand-tied wefts with two cut point sections on one side of the weft. To achieve the perfect cut, we recommend that you begin in the middle of the section. After you unravel the excess hair, trim the remaining string to complete your custom installation.

What’s the difference between Beach Wave and Textured Wave?

Beach Wave and Textures boast different origins and provide different outcomes. Crafted from natural Indian temple hair for a slightly matte finish, Textures by Covet & Mane® empowers clients with textured hair to enhance their natural styles and enjoy all of the versatility that comes with hand-tied wefts. Beach Wave, on the other hand, serves silky, S-shaped waves for clients with frizz-free, naturally wavy hair. To create these beachy, fluffy wefts, we steam-inject hair that’s been ethically sourced from China. To dive deeper into the Beach Wave, check out this recorded livestream with Coveted stylist Lindsay Stafford.

Why is Beach Wave warmer than the straight collection?

In order to provide artists and clients with hair that can lift to the lightest, brightest platinum blonde, we only work with hair that has a cool blue-black base. However, creating the effortless, tousled texture of The Beach Wave Collection requires that we steam inject the hair. This innovative process adds a fluffy, S-shaped wave to previously straight hair; it also imparts a slightly warmer tone.

Why is the textures collection only available in three shades?

Quality drives everything we do at Covet & Mane®—not quantity. While we currently offer a limited palette to ensure that every strand lives up to our exceedingly high standards, we’re continually working to expand our offerings (and maintain our caliber).

Are the textures shades comparable to the straight?

Not exactly. Because we craft the hand-tied wefts in our Textures Collection from Indian temple hair, the shades are slightly warmer than the blue-based colors of our Straight Collection. For this reason, we don’t recommend using the Color Ring to match clients with textured hair.

How many Coveted Wefts do I need for a full install?

It’s possible that you’ll only need one Coveted Weft for a full install. As one continuous, 29” long weft with a density that’s equal to one half-pack of hand-tied hair, it’s your guaranteed go-to for convenient, custom installations. Just lay, cut, stitch, and style to your heart’s content like Coveted stylist Melissa Lopez.

Why can’t I color the top of the Coveted Weft?

We’ve chosen a reinforced material for the stitching at the top of the Coveted Weft to make cutting and customization a breeze. Unfortunately, this reinforced material does not hold color. If you’re looking to modify the roots of the extensions, we recommend layering in our hand-tied wefts to create a seamless blend.

Can I lift Covet & Mane® extensions?

It depends. We’ve meticulously dyed the colors we offer to blend seamlessly, layer beautifully, and inspire stunning, custom looks. In other words, we’ve already done the heavy lifting. The exception? Natural. Because this shade comes from virgin hair, you can lift it one to two volumes while preserving its integrity.

I can’t find Natural on the “Shop Hair Page.”

You can now find Natural in the Rooted & Balayage section of our shop. This high-density virgin hair requires a meticulous sourcing process, and we’ve adjusted the cost to ensure its premium, consistent quality.

I can’t find the Reds on the “Shop Hair Page”

Why should blondes and brunettes have all the fun? When you’re ready to refresh your reds, find ravishing, expert-colored red wefts in the Blonde sections of our 18” & 22” lengths.

How many collections does Covet & Mane® offer?

We have a weft for every wearer. Our four collections are: The Cut-Point Weft– Straight hair in 10”, 14”, 18”, and 22”; Textures by Covet & Mane®– Curls, waves, and kinks from 2b to 4c; The Coveted Weft– Ultra-thin, machine-injected, continuous wefts for custom installs, The Coveted Tape - available in 18", 22"; The Coveted Tape Textures - The Soft Relaxed & Kinky Blowout textures are both created from etnically sourced steam-pressed, Asian-Remy wefts that match the sheen & color of textured hair.

Do all of the collections have cut points?

For now, our proprietary cut-point wefts are available for both our Straight and Beach Wave Cut-Point Weft Collections.

What is the sourcing process for Covet & Mane® extensions?

Every strand in our wefts is 100% ethically sourced Remy Human Hair—for the Hand-Tied, Coveted Weft, and Beach Wave collections, it comes from China; for our Textures collection, from the Temples of India.

What is the Coveted Weft?

It’s hair worth coveting, for one. Our Coveted Weft is continuous for truly customizable cuts and installs, and is machine-injected to combine the best of hand-tied and machine-made extensions.


I submitted my application, what happens next?

We’re so glad you’re interested in joining the ranks of our covetable stylists. Now, our team will take some time to get to know you—your credentials, skill sets, and past work. We’ll be in touch whether you’re approved, waitlisted, or denied within 48 hours max.

How do I check the status of my application?

Feel free to follow up with applications@covetandmane.com for an update from our review team.

I’ve applied for an account and am currently on the waitlist. When can I expect a decision?

We’re working to make decisions on all current waitlist applications. In the meantime, here are some of the main areas we look at—if you’re trying to improve your application and improve your odds of acceptance, consider focusing on:
- Experience Level
- Certifications in Hand-Tied Hair Training
- Editorial and/or Agency Affiliation
- Current/Past Partnerships & Brand Collaborations
- Education, Training & Shadowing Programs
- Projected Monthly Order Volume
- Social Media Presence

Can I apply if I’m not certified in a hand-tied or beaded row method?

We believe in equipping expert stylists and artists with the highest-quality wefts. For that reason, we choose to work with and extend account invitations to stylists who are certified in either a hand-tied or beaded row method, and who can uphold the same standard of quality we hold ourselves to.

I am in the process of getting certified. Can I apply now?

To have the best shot at joining The Collective, we recommend that you complete your certification first, then submit your application. That way, when we get around to reviewing it, it’ll be up to date.

How do I fill out a return form?

If you aren’t in love with your order and it is eligible for return, simply log into your account, click through to your order history, and select the items you’d like to send back. Have a question? Our concierge team is always here to help. Returns must be requested within 30 days of purchase and be in salable condition with all tags attached and in its original packaging in order to be eligible for a refund.

How do I make my return?

We’ll email you a return label within 48 hours of receiving your return request. Be sure to print it out and complete your return shipment via USPS within a week of receiving the return label. You can also reach out to your Concierge directly to request a return.

When will I receive my reimbursement after it’s been processed?

If it were up to us, immediately. However, most banks and financial institutions take about 3-5 days to process refunds, and sometimes longer. Please wait at least 7 days before reaching out about a pending refund. In any case, your credit card provider will be the best equipped to give you more information.

Can I return my order if its been opened?

We take the health and safety of our clients very seriously, and for that reason, can’t accept returns of any opened items. Human hair extensions, in particular, are considered hygienic products and have to be handled carefully to protect everyone involved.

When will my reimbursement be issued?

After we double-check that your returned item hasn’t been opened or used, we’ll issue a full refund to the original payment method. We process refunds on Mondays only, and after that, your reimbursement should land in your account within 5-7 business days.

Will my shipping be refunded?

Unfortunately, shipping costs are non-refundable. However, return shipping is free.

What is Covet & Mane’s return policy?

If your weft isn’t quite right, simply return it within 30 days of when it shipped—as long as it’s unused and unopened, you’re good to go for a return or exchange.

Can saleable items be returned?

All accessories are final sale—but we’re pretty sure you’ll be satisfied with your order.

What carriers are used for shipping and returns?

We use FedEx or USPS to bring our wefts to you. You can make convenient returns using USPS, as well.

Do you ship internationally?

Outside of the U.S., we currently ship to Canada, the U.K., and Australia. Stay tuned for more destinations as we work to bring our covet-worthy wefts worldwide.

Maintenance & Troubleshooting
What product lines do you recommend?

High-quality wefts require premium products—collections that are lightweight and moisturizing to avoid oversaturating the extensions. Our stylists usually reach for brands like Mr. Smith, Iles Formula, Oribe, and Kevin Murphy. For a peek behind the curtain at some of our Coveted stylists’ salons, take a page out of one of their books: Taylor Blades for insight into matting and tangling, Hannah Silva for recommendations for general maintenance, and Stella D for fall maintenance, specifically.

Chemical vs. Mineral based sunscreens:

Orange is not the new blonde. To avoid orange or peach discoloring, we recommend steering clear of chemical-based sunscreens because of the ingredient avobenzone. According to our experienced stylists, mineral-based sunscreens like Bare Republic shouldn’t coat and stain the extensions, leaving your original natural color intact. To take extra good care of your hair, we suggest braiding or pulling it back and washing your hands immediately after applying sunscreen. For more expert advice, listen to our Coveted stylist, Leah Tarsia, on summer hair care.

Purple shampoo:

While purple shampoo can do wonders for bottle blondes, it doesn’t always work when left too long on blonde extensions. To avoid a mauve-stained head of hair, ask your client to come into the salon for a professional purple shampoo.

Heavy protein:

For the healthiest wefts, stick to lightweight, moisturizing products. When we regularly overload extensions with protein-rich products, they can lose some of their natural softness and sheen—a hallmark of our hand-tied, high-quality wefts. We’re all about using protein on natural hair, but try to separate it from your extensions when applying your product.

Product buildup:

The right hairstyle should build you up, not leave you with build-up. For wefts that look their best and last a long time, use a cleansing, hydrating shampoo and conditioner, and rinse thoroughly. This will cleanse your hair of dry shampoo, masks, serum, and oils that have been clinging to your strands and causing dryness or tangles. Turn to Sassy Medchill for more on products and color care.

Sleeping with wet hair:

To make the most of your beauty rest—and your beautiful weft—we recommend that all Covet & Mane™ clients sleep with fully dry hair, ideally in a protective style overnight. Whether that’s loose braids or wave rods, these styles can prevent tangling and therefore matting at the root of the extensions. If you can (and want to indulge in a little luxury), consider adding a silk pillowcase to avoid friction and upgrade your routine. Taylor Blades has more relevant advice for avoiding matting and tangling while sleeping with wefts.

Silk vs. Cotton pillow cases:

Silk is more than a luxury—for extensions, it’s practically an essential. Silk pillowcases reduce frizz and friction and help retain your hair’s moisture all through the night. Unlike cotton, silk doesn’t absorb oil from your hair and skin, so you don’t wake up with dry, brittle hair that’s prone to breakage.

Air drying / blow drying:

For best results, we recommend blow-drying, at the very least, the roots of the extensions. By smoothing the weft while blow-drying, you can prevent unnecessary tangling. After that, your client can feel free to air dry or blow dry the remainder of their hair. For more on matting, tangling, and textures, look to our Coveted stylists, Taylor Blades and Katy Kav.

My client is experiencing an issue and I’ve gone through my normal troubleshooting process.

Our Stylist Concierges are always ready to assist you and your clients. Reach out to us at support@covetandmane.com or through our troubleshooting questionnaire—by giving us a super detailed account, we’ll be best equipped to help you.

How long does it take to process and ship an order?

Our priority is the timely delivery of your accessories, essentials, and wefts. Orders placed before 2 PM EST will be processed and shipped that very same day; orders placed after will be processed and shipped expediently on the following business day. Just one exception to keep in mind: our fulfillment center closes at 10 AM EST every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

I entered the incorrect address when placing my order.

All good, we’ll correct that for you right away! Just contact support@covetandmane.com so that we can update your shipping address ASAP.

How can I cancel my order before it ships?

If you change your mind about an order, reach out to support@covetandmane.com right away. We’ll do everything we can to cancel it, but since we process and ship orders almost as soon as they’re received, it might be too late.

My order has shipped, but I want to cancel it.

Unfortunately, we can’t cancel an order after it’s left our fulfillment center. But once you receive your package, go ahead and submit a refund request in your account portal. We’ll email you a return label and instructions so that you can return your order for a full refund—no worries.

I haven’t received my order, and it’s past the scheduled delivery date.

We’re sorry to hear that, and will work to correct it right away. Please contact support@covetandmane.com so that we can sort this out for you.

My package was marked delivered but I haven’t received it.

Please reach out to support@covetandmane.com so that we can figure out what went wrong. Just a heads up: missing packages must be reported within 7 days of the scheduled delivery date, so if more time has passed, we’re afraid we can’t do much to remedy the situation.

Can I purchase saleable items without extensions?

Our covet-worthy wefts are our top priority right now. Saleable items can be purchased in addition to an order of extensions, but not on their own. If that changes, you’ll be among the first to know!

What does backorder mean?

Unfortunately, it means that more stylists are interested in our wefts than we have wefts available right now. But don’t worry, the extensions are being processed as quickly as possible, and we should have them within 2-3 weeks. As soon as they land in our fulfillment center, we’ll be processing and shipping them out to you.

If I order a backordered item will I be charged when I order or when it is shipped?

You’ll be charged for your order when you place it, not when it ships.

I want to learn more about the education covet & mane offers.

Whether you’re an expert stylist seeking certification or a prospective hair extension artist seeking inspiration, we provide bespoke educational experiences tailored to your interests and experience. All of our learning opportunities exist under the umbrella of The Academy By Covet & Mane. We offer a range of online, in-person, and hybrid events and complimentary Live Covet Sessions that cover everything from stitching techniques to social media marketing. Ready to tap into the power of community—and empower your creativity? Class is almost in session. Apply to The Academy today.

Still have questions?

For partnerships, email partnerships@covetandmane.com. For press inquiries, email press@covetandmane.com. For all inquiries, please email us at support@covetandmane.com.

Are you already a members of the Covet Collective? Please reach out to your stylist concierge team.