Premium Hair Care Essentials for Professional Results

Tools & Essentials

 Tools and Essentials such as beads, threads, shark clips lie on a wooden table in the salon.
for hand-tied extensions

Color Ring: Your Essential Tool for Seamless Hair Extension Matching

Discover our vibrant shades and unique blends with the Color Ring, showcasing real hair from our wefts and organized by color category. Explore our diverse palette, including rooted to balayage colors, presented in 14” wefts for an in-depth view.

Color Ring with examples of hair extensions with tags.
for hand-tied extensions

Tool Kit for Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

From high-grade extension pliers to loop needles and sectioning clips, this kit ensures that you have everything at your fingertips for a seamless installation experience.

for hand-tied extensions

Masterful Cuts: Precision Scissors for Hair Extensions

Our professional-grade Hair Extension Scissors are designed for precision cutting and styling of hair extensions. Made with high-quality steel, these scissors offer a sharp, clean cut every time, ensuring that extensions are trimmed to perfection.

 Three black objects: needle, thread and scissors on a white background.
Hair extension tools - black Pin Clips with C&M logo on a white background.
for hand-tied extensions

Versatile & Essential Pin Clips

These clips are perfect for sectioning hair during the installation process, ensuring neat and organized work. Their strong grip and durable construction make them reliable for repeated use, while their gentle hold prevents damage to the natural hair.

for hand-tied extensions

Shark Clips

Shark Clips are uniquely designed to handle larger sections of hair with ease, making them perfect for use with hair extensions. Their wide mouth and strong grip keep hair securely in place during the installation and styling process.

Black Shark Clips with C&M logo on a white background.
for hand-tied extensions

Versatile Velcro Grips

These grips securely hold hair in place without the need for traditional clips, making them ideal for delicate installation work with extensions. Their gentle grip minimizes hair stress, ensuring that the natural hair remains undamaged during the extension process.

Two black Velcro grips on a white background.
for hand-tied extensions

Essential Needles for Seamless Extension Applications

These needles are perfect for threading during your weft installations. Their durability and ease of use make them a top choice for stylists, ensuring a smooth and efficient extension application.

Black wrapper and three Needles on a white background.
Black box Discovery Kit Covet & Mane and its tools and hair extensions.
for the coveted tape

The Tape-In Discovery Kit

Discover the essentials for flawless Coveted Tape Hair Extension installations with our comprehensive Tape-In Discovery Kit. Equipped with a garment bag, tape press kit, replacement tape rolls, tape tabs, scraper, microfiber removal pad, and extension release solution, this kit provides everything you need to master the art of tape-in extensions.

for the coveted tape

Garment Bag

The ultimate garment bag for stylists on the move: our sleek, waterproof, and highly functional bag is designed to keep your tools organized and accessible. With transparent pockets for easy visibility, adjustable straps for comfortable carrying, and a durable construction built to withstand the demands of on-set and studio work, this dream bag is a must-have for every stylist looking to streamline their kit and elevate their craft.

Black Garment Bag Covet & Mane on a white background with secure handles.
 Tape Press Kit with tools in a black pencil case.
for the coveted tape

Tape Press Kit

Elevate your installation game with the C&M Tape Press Kit, a comprehensive set designed to help you achieve flawless tape-in extensions every time. This kit includes our premium tape press, a silicone pad for heat protection, single prong clips for precise sectioning, a rat tail comb for seamless blending, and a detailed C&M instruction manual to guide you through the perfect installation process.

for the coveted tape

Double-Sided Replacement Tape Roll

Revolutionize your clients' tape-in extension experience with C&M's tape press, designed to ensure a longer-lasting, flatter, and more seamless application. Our press evenly secures each tape, while the included silicone pads safeguard the extension bond against weather, sweat, and harsh conditions, guaranteeing a superior result that will keep your clients coming back for more.

Replacement tape roll in beige color with black Covet & Mane sticker.
Black crust Tape Tabs on a white background.
for the coveted tape

Single-Sided Tape Tabs

Experience ultimate comfort and longevity with our our Single-Sided Tape Tabs, designed to provide a weightless, smooth, and gentle hold that lasts an impressive 6-8 weeks. When it's time for a change, our Extension Release Solution ensures effortless removal, making the process of updating your look a breeze.

For the coveted tape

Tape Scraper

Maintain the integrity of your hair and extensions with the C&M Tape Scraper, a precision tool designed to gently remove any adhesive residue that may occur due to improper care or maintenance. Our scraper is engineered to minimize damage to the weft while allowing you to seamlessly remove any remaining residue, ensuring the weft is in optimal condition to reuse in your client's next installation.

Tape scraper in matte black on a white background.
for the coveted tape

Microfiber Removal Pad

Achieve a clean and seamless removal with the Microfiber Removal Pad. The pad features a double sided grip — one velcro side that attaches to the hair for perfect sectioning, and one microfiber side to absorb the Extension Release Solution during the removal process.

Dark gray Microfiber Removal Pad on a white background.
For the coveted tape

Extension Release Solution

Effortlessly remove adhesive and residue with the C&M Extension Release Solution, a powerful yet gentle alcohol-based solvent that requires only a few drops to work its magic. Formulated to protect your client's hair from damage and bleaching, this essential tool ensures a swift and damage-free removal, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional results without compromising hair health.

Black lacquered Remover jar with a lid.

“Covet & Mane's tools guarantee flawless installations for every single client.”

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