Premium Hair Care Essentials for Professional Results

Tools & Essentials

 Tools and Essentials such as beads, threads, shark clips lie on a wooden table in the salon.

Color Ring

A must-have for hair extension specialists, the Color Ring showcases our diverse range of shades so you can seamlessly match your client's natural hair color and create stunning blends.

Color Ring with examples of hair extensions with tags.
Color Ring by Covet and Mane®

Color Ring: Your Essential Tool for Seamless Hair Extension Matching

Discover our vibrant shades and unique blends with the Color Ring, showcasing real hair from our wefts and organized by color category. Explore our diverse palette, including rooted to balayage colors, presented in 14” wefts for an in-depth view.

Color Ring with hair extensions with white inserts.

Beach Wave Color Ring

Experience the Beach Wave texture up close with the Beach Wave Color Ring, designed for expertly matching the unique shades of your wavy clients, ensuring a flawless, natural look.

Colored Beach Wave Ring with Hair Extensions from Covet & Mane®.
Color Beach Wave Ring with Curly Hair on White Background.
Beach Wave Color Ring by Covet and Mane®

Your Essential Wave Pattern for Effortless, Beachy Hair Extensions

Experience the quality of our wefts and get an up-close look at the real hair used in our Beach Wave extensions. Familiarize yourself with our diverse color range, and understand the unique, "S" shape wave pattern of our beach wave wefts.

Tool Kit

Introducing our Tool Kit: A comprehensive set designed to empower professionals with top-tier instruments, ensuring precision, efficiency, and superior results in every installation.

A silver tool set is placed in a black velvet bag on a white background.
Tool Kit by Covet and Mane®

Your Ultimate Hair Extension Tool Kit

From high-grade extension pliers to loop needles and sectioning clips, this kit ensures that you have everything at your fingertips for a seamless installation experience.

Four black hair extensions on a white background.

Professional-Grade Scissors

Crafted with high-grade materials, our scissors ensure clean cuts and professional results with every use.

 Three black objects: needle, thread and scissors on a white background.
 Designer sharp scissors with C&M logo on a white background.
Scissors by Covet and Mane®

Masterful Cuts: Precision Scissors for Hair Extensions

Our professional-grade Hair Extension Scissors are designed for precision cutting and styling of hair extensions. Made with high-quality steel, these scissors offer a sharp, clean cut every time, ensuring that extensions are trimmed to perfection.

 Versatile & Essential Pin Clips

These essential tools offer secure hold and effortless styling, perfect for achieving professional results in hair extension applications.

Hair extension tools - black Pin Clips with C&M logo on a white background.
 Black Pin Clips with the inscription C&M lie on a white background.
Pin Clips by Covet and Mane®

The Ultimate Tool for Neat and Organized Hair Extensions

These clips are perfect for sectioning hair during the installation process, ensuring neat and organized work. Their strong grip and durable construction make them reliable for repeated use, while their gentle hold prevents damage to the natural hair.

Shark Clips

Your go-to solution for secure and organized hair sectioning during extensions.

Black Shark Clips with C&M logo on a white background.
Four black matte shark clips on a white background.
Shark Clips by Covet and Mane®

Mastering Hair Extensions with Sectioning Tools

Shark Clips are uniquely designed to handle larger sections of hair with ease, making them perfect for use with hair extensions. Their wide mouth and strong grip keep hair securely in place during the installation and styling process.

Versatile Velcro Grips

Optimized for effortless styling, our Velcro Grips ensure a secure hold and seamless hair extension applications.

Two black Velcro grips on a white background.
Velcro Grips by Covet and Mane®

Redefining Hair Styling with Secure Grip Technology

These grips securely hold hair in place without the need for traditional clips, making them ideal for delicate installation work with extensions. Their gentle grip minimizes hair stress, ensuring that the natural hair remains undamaged during the extension process.

Velcro grips with Covet & Mane logo on a white background.


Essential tools for precision stitching and seamless hair extension applications, ensuring professional results every time.

Black wrapper and three Needles on a white background.
Three rounded needles on a white background.
Needles by Covet and Mane®

Essential Needles for Seamless Extension Applications

These needles are perfect for threading during your weft installations. Their durability and ease of use make them a top choice for stylists, ensuring a smooth and efficient extension application.

“Covet & Mane's tools guarantee flawless installations for every single client.”

Taylor Blades stands in the salon in a beige suit.

Taylor Blades

Blades Styling

Luxury Essentials: Elevate Your Craft with Covet & Mane® Tools

Discover a world of premium craftsmanship with Tools and Essentials by Covet & Mane®, where every tool is meticulously designed to enhance your styling experience. From scissors to innovative clips, our collection offers exclusive solutions for seamless hair extension applications, ensuring flawless results and unparalleled elegance.

There are tools for hair extensions on the iron table.