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“These hand-tied extensions have a cult following for a reason.”


Concealed by Covet & Mane

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Two luxurious blondes with wavy hair against the background of palm trees.
A woman with beautiful long wavy hair extensions poses for the camera.
A Commitment to Excellence

The Covet & Mane® Promise

Welcome home, where your talent is supported by our commitment to exclusive, ethically sourced hair extensions paired with white glove service. We’re dedicated to empowering your artistry, guaranteeing confidentiality in pricing and unwavering quality in stock. Your craft, our commitment, every step of the way.


The Coveted Weft in Beach Wave

Get the tousled look of beach waves with tones that sun-kissed, with a blend of highlights and lowlights that provide a multidimensional color reminiscent of hair lightened by the summer sun.

Three women with long blonde hair extensions posing for a picture.

The Cut-Point Weft

Our most popular and patented hand-tied hair extensions are available in Beach Wave & Silky Straight. Made from the finest hair and designed to never shed or unravel.

A woman with extended blonde hair stands on a balcony, admiring the cityscape spread out before her.

What the Pros Have to Say

"Saves us time and money."

Ashley Ongman

"So easy to customize!"

Ashley Rydback

"No shedding. No brassiness."

Abigayle Seymour

"Perfectly natural texture!"

Katie Charos
 A man and a woman with curly hair extensions standing side by side, talking and smiling.

Textures by Covet & Mane®

A first-of-its-kind, hand-tied collection, allowing your clients to enhance their natural texture while still enjoying healthy, fuller and longer hair. Enhance your natural hair without any compromise.


Tools for Professionals

With our line of premium haircare accessories, you’ll find everything you need to transform your passion into sheer perfection.

An assortment of hair extension accessories by Covet & Mane including scissors, shark clips, tool kits, beads, and velcro grips lie on a wooden table.
The stylist holds the tool with his right hand.
Beloved by the Best
“I won’t gate keep this brand & hair! Very impressed by the quality of the hair.”
A man with pink hair and red glasses.

Brian O'Connor

Fruits Hair Lab

“Their commitment to quality ensures that you receive the crème de la crème of extensions.”
A man with pink hair and red glasses.

Leah Locker

Basic Hair Co

“If you are a weft girlie you will be obsessed with Covet & Mane®!”
A man with pink hair and red glasses.

Elizabeth McIntyre

Salon Bogar

The Academy

We're more than just great hair. The Academy by Covet & Mane® is dedicated to help stylists elevate their artistry and enhance their techniques to bring beautiful transformations to life.

Concealed by Covet & Mane®

Concealed is our game-changing methodology & certification program designed to revolutionize the world of hair extensions.

A woman in a hairdresser's chair looks into the mirror while two stylists style her hair.
Spotlight Classes

Open to all stylists who are eager to enhance their knowledge and hungry for artistic inspiration. Join one of our Coveted master stylists or apply to be a presenter.

You're Invited to Our 5th Anniversary Party

We are thrilled to mark five years of quality, community, and excellence, and we want YOU to be a part of the celebration! Join us and the rest of the Covet & Mane® Collective!

Four women talk and laugh.
Joining The Collective Starts with an Application

Begin your journey by sharing your credentials and examples of your work. Learn more about our application process.


Each application undergoes a detailed review within 1-3 days to uphold the excellence of our stylist community and ensure unparalleled service.


Once approved, a Covet & Mane® Concierge will share your shop credentials. You will now have access to shop our exclusive hair and tools.

Featured Looks from The Covet Collective
A stunning woman with long wavy hair, showcasing hair extensions by Covet & Mane.
A blonde woman with long wavy hair extensions poses for the camera.
A beautiful blonde with long, wavy hair and hair extensions, exuding beauty and style.
beautiful brunette with beautiful hair extensions, giving the perfect voluminous look.
A woman with long wavy hair getting hair extensions at a salon.
A woman with glasses and beautiful long wavy hair, flaunting hair extensions by Covet & Mane.
Find a Stylist for Your Own Transformation

The Coveted represents our hand-selected stylists that have been meticulously evaluated to ensure they are experts in their craft and provide their clients with an elevated experience.

Two photos of the same woman with curly hair, one before and one after getting their hair done with hair extensions.
Images: woman with long hair, woman with short hair; one woman's hair is extended with hair extensions.
A woman with short hair in the first image, and a woman with long hair in the second image after using hair extensions.
A woman with long hair, showcasing two different images. Her stunning locks are enhanced with hair extensions.
Get to Know Covet & Mane®

Founded in 2019 by entrepreneur Dafina Smith, Covet & Mane® is the world’s first patented line of customizable hand-tied hair extensions.

Model and stylist at a photo shoot, the model's hair extensions fly beautifully.