The Covet & Mane® Promise

A Commitment to Excellence and Community

Two professional stylists look in the mirror with the model, admiring the result of hair extensions.
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Strict Quality Standards

Our meticulous production process ensures top-quality, brass-free results. Every step is carefully monitored to guarantee excellence in every strand.

A woman gets her long hair extensions trimmed using Covet & Mane scissors.
The picture shows a strand of hair for extensions, a woman's hand carefully trims it.
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Reliability You Can Trust

Trust in our expertly crafted, consistent products and dedicated support. Our commitment to reliability ensures peace of mind with every purchase.

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Nonstop Ingenuity

Discover a world of endless creativity and elevate your artistry with Covet & Mane®. Explore our top-tier hair extensions and innovative solutions, igniting your passion for limitless possibilities in hairstyling.

The picture shows a woman's head at the moment of hair extensions, carefully separated by strands with special tools by Covet & Mane®.
 In the reflection of the dressing room mirror, Dafina Smith is holding the Color Ring.
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Continuous Education

Embark on a journey of continuous education and industry leadership with Covet & Mane®. Elevate your skills and grow with our advanced education programs.

Ready to Join The Covet Collective?

Experience unparalleled support, top-tier products, and a thriving community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of hairstyling together.

The stylist carefully combs the long black hair extensions of a model against a white background.