Master The Coveted Tape

Acquire the installation, removal, and maintenance expertise you need to offer seamless, damage-free tape-in wefts by Covet & Mane®. Book your spot in the Fall 2024 certification course today.

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The Coveted Tape Certification Details

Available for in-person and online courses, The Coveted Tape certification course helps stylists – from beginner to advanced – master relevant skills like:

  • Mixing and Matching for Dimension
  • One and Two-Piece Installations
  • Placement
  • Removal & Reapplication
The Coveted Tape Education

Flexible Pricing Options

Online & One Day In-Person Intensive
Join Covet & Mane’s® Seasoned Educators for a single-day workshop that covers the installation, removal, and maintenance, as well as cut, blend, and styling tutorials for The Coveted Tape.
What’s Included…
Online Videos
One Day Intensive
The Coveted Tape Discovery Kit
Practice Hair
$100 credit toward first Coveted Tape purchase
Choose the Intensive COURSE
Online Only
Watch a series of eight self guided instructional videos explaining a one-row installation & removal process for one and two-piece installations for The Coveted Tape hair extensions.
What’s Included…
Online Videos
$100 credit toward first Coveted Tape purchase after the course is completed
Certificate of Completion
For all skill levels

Get the Most From Our Innovative Tape-In Hair Extension System

Working with our our innovative tape-in system, you'll learn how to deliver a create stunning transformations with confidence and efficiency. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career, we're thrilled to have you join us in this exciting course work. You'll have the unparalleled Covet & Mane quality and innovation with our Tape-In product and these certification programs will help you redefine the art of hair extensions and offer seamless blends, luxurious textures and dynamic new styles.

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In-Person Or Online

We know salon professionals are constantly on the move. We offer flexible options so that the truly motivated get the training they desire.

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Single Day Workshop

You'll work side by side with Covet & Mane’s® Seasoned Educators and get the benefit of being hands-on.

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Self-Guided Tutorials

Go at your own pace with our online certification program. Complete all eight videos to receive $100.00 credit to your first Coveted Tape Purchase.

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The New Benchmark for Excellence

Dive into the world of The Coveted Tape Collection, where innovation meets artistry in tape-in hair extensions. Discover our premium selection designed for seamless integration, lasting wear, and stunning results. Perfect for stylists looking to elevate their craft and clients seeking flawless transformations.

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Join our community of certified professionals listed in The Coveted Tape Stylists Directory, connecting you with top-tier salons and stylists worldwide. Master your craft with us and discover where expertise meets opportunity.

Join The Coveted Tape Tour

Join us on The Coveted Tape Tour to gain hands-on experience with Covet & Mane®'s latest innovation. This multi-city tour features live demonstrations, interactive training sessions, and exclusive events. Connect with fellow professionals, expand your network, and celebrate the launch of our revolutionary tape-in extensions. Stay tuned for tour dates and locations.

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