Indian Temple, Hand-Tied Extensions

Textures by Covet & Mane®

Textures by Covet & Mane® - Wavy

Indulge in Indian Temple hand-tied wefts, delivering limitless styling options and flawless blends for clients with voluminous, textured hair.

A woman with long hair in a white jacket and pants at a photo shoot.
Textures by Covet & Mane® - Wavy

Textured Elegance - Elevate Your Hairstyles with Covet & Mane®

Your go-to for versatile styling. Achieve natural loose waves that can be defined for effortless beach waves or flat ironed to sleek perfection while the hair retains weight and texture.

A model is in the process of getting a beautiful hairstyle from a stylist.

Textures by Covet & Mane® - Curly

Discover the versatility of hand-tied wefts sourced from Indian temples, providing endless styling options and effortless integration for clients with voluminous, textured hair.

A model with beautiful wavy long hair extensions at a photo shoot.
A beautiful lady's face glancing to the left and presenting Textures by Covet & Mane® Hair Extensions.
Textures by Covet & Mane® - Curly

Embrace Natural Beauty and Seamless Integration

Our textured curly extensions enhance your natural curls, adding volume and definition. Crafted for flawless blending, our extensions seamlessly integrate with your own curls.

Textures by Covet & Mane® - Blowout

Enhance your natural curls with effortless style. Our extensions add volume, definition, and versatility to your look. Crafted for seamless integration and long-lasting quality, enjoy endless styling possibilities with fuller, more voluminous curls.

An elegant girl with black hair extensions is photographed against the wall.
A model with long black hair poses for the camera.
Textures by Covet & Mane® - BLOWOUT

Luxurious Body & Shine

Our Blowout extensions offer a smooth, polished look with luxurious body and shine. Crafted for seamless integration and long-lasting quality, enjoy versatile styling options and confident, runway-ready hair every day.

Featured Looks with Textures by Covet & Mane®

"Great texture without damaging hair."

Taylor Painton

"Long & light!"

Amanda Gluck

"Natural waves."

Barbara Parker

Unparalleled Luxury: Discover Textures by Covet & Mane®

Experience the epitome of luxury and versatility with Textures by Covet & Mane®, where each strand embodies unparalleled quality and timeless elegance.

A man's tattooed hand holds the carefully extended hair of a model at a photo shoot.
A vibrant collection of hair extensions in different colors, perfect for adding length and volume to your hair hanging on the wall.
Textures by Covet & Mane®

Hand-Tied Wefts That Are Expertly Sourced

Meticulously crafted in three diverse textures that are guaranteed to make your client’s hair dreams come true.

Beloved by the Best

“The hair was beautiful and I was amazed by the quality.”
Lucy Bohn takes a selfie in a black top.

Lucy Bohn

BeYOUtiful Concept

“I’m completely fangirling over these textures!”
Kristin Rinker poses for the camera.

Kristin Rinker

Gilded Rose Salon

“I’m so relieved to see ACTUAL textured wefts in various shades!”
Brittany Struening with red hair and beautiful eyes.

Brittany Struening

Emily Sinha Hair Studio

Before & After with Textures by Covet & Mane®

Explore the transformative power of Textures by Covet & Mane®. From sleek to voluminous, our exclusive textures redefine beauty, offering personalized solutions to enhance your style journey. Discover the difference with Textures by Covet & Mane®.

Product Features

Indulge in Authenticity

Crafted from Indian Temple hair, our hand-tied wefts exude unmatched quality and origin, ensuring a luxurious experience with every wear.

Texture Tailored to You

With three distinct textures available, including sleek straight, subtle wavy, and voluminous curly, our extensions cater to diverse styles and preferences, guaranteeing a flawless match for any desired look.

Customize Your Color Story

Choose from unaltered natural shades or opt for custom colors to achieve the perfect hue, effortlessly blending with your natural hair for seamless integration and stunning results.

Length and Volume Reimagined

Available in 20" and 26" lengths with 8 wefts per pack, our hand-tied wefts offer ample coverage and weightless volume, empowering you to transform your hair with ease and confidence.

Colors Available in Textures by Covet & Mane®