Asian Remy, Machine-Injected Hair Extensions

The Coveted Weft

The Coveted Weft in Silky Straight

This lightweight, ultra-thin weft provides the freedom of customization for any client, while promising evenly distributed density without compromising Covet & Mane’s® unmatched quality.

A man carefully holds a model's hair extensions on a white background.
A lady with beautiful wavy hair extensions in a white suit poses for a photo shoot.
The coveted weft in silky straight

Ultra-Thin and Customizable

The Coveted Weft integrates the ease, convenience, and strength of machine-made wefts with the weightlessness and flexibility of hand-tied wefts to accommodate your client's lifestyle and comfortability.

The Coveted Weft in Beach Wave

Steam-injected, asian remy hair with a natural “s”-shape wave pattern. Beach Wave is perfect for clients with naturally wavy, keratin treated or less frizzy hair.

A blonde lady with hair extensions sits on a chair in a white sweater and jeans.
The coveted weft in beach wave

Perfect For an Effortless, Active Look

Our wefts provide a seamless enhancement to wavy hair, creating a carefree, textured look that’s ideal for an active lifestyle, offering your clients the freedom to wear a low-maintenance style year-round.

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Featured Looks with The Coveted Weft

"Wow I’m obsessed."

Ash J

"A game-changer!"

Rebekah Marie

"Amazing quality."

McKaela Van Der Lee

Unleashing Innovation with Covet & Mane's® Asian Remy Machine-Injected Hair Extensions

Discover unmatched quality with The Coveted Weft: effortlessly cut without shedding, blend seamlessly for natural looks, and ensure client comfort with sleek, return-hair-free wefts.

Four models with long, well-groomed hair extensions at a session with stylists.
The coveted weft in silky straight

Coveted by Celebrity Stylists

Top stylists, including Graham Nation, favor The Coveted Weft for its sleek, seamless installation.

Beloved by the Best

“This newer technology is a game-changer.”
Tonia Fike with black hair and brown eyes looks at the camera.

Tonia Fike

Moxie Hair Studio

“I LOVE C&M hair because of the quality and consistency!"
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Bonnie Sholock


“I can’t get enough of The Coveted Weft.”
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Brittany Struening

Mane Hair Co

Transformations Your Clients Will Love

Witness the remarkable transformations made possible with The Coveted Weft Collection. Our premium wefts deliver stunning results, turning ordinary hair into extraordinary styles. Whether it's adding volume, length, or a touch of elegance, our wefts are designed to elevate your client's look and confidence. Experience the artistry and innovation of The Coveted Weft Collection.

A woman with long blonde hair before and after getting hair extensions, showcasing a stunning transformation.

Product Features

Customizable & DURABLE

Our innovative wefts can be cut anywhere without shedding or unraveling, ensuring a custom fit for every client and guaranteeing a seamless finish.

Streamlined Installation

Our wefts are meticulously crafted without return hair, providing a cleaner and flatter installation, minimizing bulk and maximizing comfort.

Maximized Volume, Minimized Effort

With increased hair density on each weft, our collection offers fullness with fewer wefts needed per row and a more comfortable install.

ultimate Comfort for Active Lifestyles

Designed with your client's comfort and lifestyle in mind, our wefts are soft and flexible, providinge lasting comfort without compromising on style.

Colors Available in The Coveted Weft Collection

Covet & Mane® offers an innovative color range that is designed to work together. Each shade is thoughtfully crafted with the artist in mind, allowing for ultimate customization. We only select hair that has a cool, blue-black base, ensuring the hair can lift to a platinum, brass-free blonde.

Indicates color is also available in Beach wave