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Dafina Smith and stylist discuss hair extensions at an event in front of a group of people.
Our Core Values

Transparency, Quality & Collaboration

We’re dedicated to making dream looks come to life—from providing stylists with ethically sourced, expert-processed wefts to offering members of The Collective dedicated mentorship, educational experiences, and concierge support.

 The stylist adds hair extensions to the client, carefully separating strands of hair.

What You Can Expect When You Work with Us

When you work with Covet & Mane®, you never need to worry about poor-quality extensions that shed, unravel, or get brassy as you lift. We offer only the finest hand-tied hair extensions in a stunning range of colors, lengths, and textures. Why? Because we respect your artistry. It’s that simple.

A woman at Covet & Mane Salon getting her hair cut by another woman, both focused and engaged in the process.


Covet & Mane® puts stylists at the forefront, offering concierge services and superior wefts that empower you to bring your artistic vision to life, from heart to head.

A woman at a salon getting her hair done with a hair clip, using Covet & Mane hair extensions.

Best-in-Class Products

Covet & Mane® delivers exclusively sourced and expertly crafted luxury hair extensions, granting stylists access to unparalleled, premium products

Two women in the process of applying Covet & Mane hair extensions to a girl who is sitting in a chair.

Community & Support

By joining the Covet & Mane® network, stylists become part of a community of professionals, gaining access to support and networking opportunities.

Best-in-Class Support with Dedicated Concierge

Our Concierge team is at your service, offering expert training and support at every step of the way. Exceptional products, backed by a nurturing community, create the perfect pairing for unparalleled artistry.

Four women at a table with laptops and textbooks are discussing something.
Meet our founder

Entrepreneur Dafina Smith

Leveraging a decade of industry insight, Dafina created Covet & Mane, delivering the world’s first patented, tailor-made hair extensions that blend the beauty of hand-tied wefts with effortless application.

 Dafina Smith poses in a white blouse and jeans while sitting on a table.

Meet the Team: The Passion Behind Covet & Mane®

Get to know our founder, Dafina Smith, and the dedicated team driving our vision forward. Discover the passion and expertise fueling every strand of our hair extension journey.

Corporate Team

Dafina Smith is a beautiful woman smiling at the camera.
Dafina Smith
CEO & Founder
Jessica Herzog is an attractive girl with a multi-colored dress against a background of green trees.
Jessica Herzog
Chief of Staff to CEO
Jonathan Anastasio poses for the camera in a white shirt.
Johnathan Anastacio
Head of Creative
Jasmin Wooden is a cute woman with voluminous wavy hair.
Jasmin Wooden
Manager of Client Concierge Services
Katina McCain is an elegant woman with red lips and voluminous earrings.
Katina McCain
Education & Community Assistant Manager
Taylor Walker is a pretty woman smiling at the camera in an orange T-shirt.
Taylor Walker
Supply Chain Manager
Alex Simon poses for the camera with a gorgeous smile.
Alex Simon
Brand Coordinator

Education & Pro Team

A professional hair stylist Taylor Blades.
Taylor Blades
Sassy Medchill is a team member, an attractive woman posing against the wall.
Sassy Medchill
Katy Afxentiou - a member of the Covet & Mane team with black long hair poses for the camera.
Katy Afxentiou
Danita Hampton is a member of the Covet & Mane team, wearing a hot pink sweater and blonde hair.
Danita Hampton
Ian Sannicolas is a member of the Covet & Mane team, wearing a shirt and a white hat.
Ian Sannicolas
Lilybeth Vargas a member of the Covet & Mane team, poses for the camera with long hair.
Lilybeth Vargas
Lo Silva is a member of the team, wearing a gray shirt and a white hat.
Lo Silva
Angela Goff a beautiful woman with brown hair poses for the camera.
Angela Goff
Erin Gardner blonde smiles at the camera.
Erin Gardner
A group of people from the Covet & Mane team posing for a photo.
A woman getting her hair styled by another woman, featuring Covet & Mane hair extensions for a glamorous look.
Women in an office at Covet & Mane salon examining hair products.
Two people happily posing for a photo, radiating joy and warmth. Captured moment by Covet & Mane.
Three women from the Covet & Mane team smiling and holding a man's hand.

Did You Know That You Can Reserve the Covet & Mane® Studio?

A beauty focused creative studio & event space in the heart of Chelsea, NYC.

A stylish salon at Covet & Mane, featuring a chair and mirror for a luxurious hairdressing experience.
A stylish salon at Covet & Mane, featuring a central arrangement of a couch and chairs.
A round coffee table featuring a book as a centerpiece at Covet & Mane salon.
Modern open office area with desk and chairs at Covet & Mane salon.
Covet & Mane salon's kitchen featuring white cabinets and a refrigerator.
A diverse team of professionals working diligently in the office of Covet & Mane salon.
Join Our Team

Are you passionate about elevating stylists and transforming the hair industry? Join our inclusive, hybrid studio in Chelsea, New York, where we're reshaping the luxury hair extension experience for stylists and clients alike, setting new industry standards.

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