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The Covet Collective Represents the Best-in-Class Hair Extension Artists in the Industry

At Covet & Mane®, we are dedicated to helping you make dream looks come to life. We understand the importance of working with best-in-class hair extensions and we become a true partner in helping you grow your business and become a Coveted leader in the hair extension industry.

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Your Covet & Mane® Journey- Begins with a 2 Minute Application

Professional Only & Confidential  Pricing

Allows you to maintain a professional experience with confidential pricing allowing you to build your markup for your expertise, experience and environment without clients having access to the same products and pricing information as you

Strict Quality control

Founder-owned and operated since day one with someone with over 30 years of experience selling hair extensions to professional stylists through family legacy 2nd generation selling hair extensions. No private equity, no watering down quality for scale, no MLM pricing access.


Textures by Covet & Mane® is our popular Indian Temple, Hand-Tied Extensions. These wefts deliver limitless styling options and flawless blends for clients with voluminous, textured hair.

Exclusive High-Quality Products

Covet & Mane® offers a range of luxury hair extensions that are expertly sourced and carefully crafted. This exclusivity ensures that stylists have access to top-tier products that are not readily available elsewhere.

Professional Development

Covet & Mane® provides educational resources and certifications through The Academy by Covet & Mane®, which helps stylists enhance their skills and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques in hair extension application.

Ethical Sourcing and Craftsmanship

Covet & Mane® prides itself on ethical sourcing and expert craftsmanship, only using high-quality, cuticile-intact, virgin hair, appealing to stylists who value quality and sustainability in their products.

Innovative Product Range

With unique offerings like the Cut-Point Weft and the Coveted Weft, stylists can access innovative products in the industry's widest range of unique and synergistic colors that are built to blend, allowing for more versatility in styling.

Business Growth Opportunities

Partnering with a reputable brand like Covet & Mane® can elevate a salon's status, attracting clients who seek premium hair extension services and long lasting, ethically sourced hair, increasing business revenue.

Community and Support

By joining the Covet & Mane® network, stylists become part of a community of professionals, gaining access to support and networking opportunities that can enhance their career and business prospects.

“If you want to learn with the best and are serious about growing your network and your business, working with Covet & Mane® is a must."

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Jillian Elizabeth

Discover Local Opportunities

Get Matched with Clients in Your Area

Meet potential clients through our stylist locator to help grow your business and build your clientele. We maintain the best curated list of qualified salon professionals because, as we say, "Our hair is only as good as the stylist who installs them".

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What We Look For


We look for passionate stylists who are dedicated to craftsmanship. Our stylists pride themselves on an art form as much as the businesses they build.


We look for expertise in blending extensions with client's natural hair and an understanding of the art of blending textures to create stunning, seamless looks.

Color matching

It takes specialized skill and care to custom blend shades for each client. The subjective nature of choosing just the right colors that look natural requires impressive skill.

Two educators talk about hair extensions in front of a large audience in a classroom.
a supportive community

Covet & Mane® is Dedicated to Personal Development

We pride ourselves on only selling our product to select stylists that are constantly improving their transformational skills in extensions and that are masters in their technique.

Beloved by the Best
"I only use Covet & Mane® at my salon.”
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Lucy Bohn

BeYOUtiful Concept

“I’m completely fangirling over these textures!”
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Kristin Rinker

Gilded Rose Salon

“I’m so relieved to see ACTUAL textured wefts in various shades!”
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Emily Sinha

Emily Sinha Hair Studio

Joining The Collective Starts with an Application

Begin your journey by sharing your credentials and examples of your work. Learn more about our application process.

get approved

Each application undergoes a detailed review within 1-3 days to uphold the excellence of our stylist community and ensure unparalleled service.

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Once approved, a Covet & Mane® Concierge will share your shop credentials. You will now have access to shop our best-in-class wefts  and tools.