Covet & Mane® Glossary

Whether you are relatively new to the hair extension industry or you are a seasoned pro, it can sometimes be hard to remember all of the terms. We release new colors regularly and our product names are you need to us. Not only that there are specific terms and jargon that can sometimes be confounding to even the most experienced among us. That's why we maintain the Covet & Mane® glossary - just one more way we're here to support the community.

A close-up of a swatch of Aderdeen hair extensions.


A rooted strawberry blonde with copper undertones throughout to create an ultra-rich, dimensional red.
A close-up of a swatch of Amalfi Blonde hair extensions.

Amalfi Blonde

A cool blonde with ashy highlights throughout.
A close-up of a swatch of Aspen Blonde hair extensions.

Aspen Blonde

A rooted, neutral blonde with warm undertones.
A close-up of a swatch of Baby Root hair extensions.

Baby Root

Tap rooted wefts that offer a natural, yet fully highlighted look with a soft, low maintenance grow out.
A close-up of a swatch of Bali hair extensions.


A golden, dark blonde, blending into a beige-toned blonde.
Beach Wave Collection of hair extensions on white background.

Beach Wave Collection

Steam-injected Asian hair with a natural “S” shape wave pattern, ideal for those with less frizzy, keratin-treated wavy hair. Available in select colors.
A close-up of a swatch of Blonde Zero hair extensions.

Blonde Zero

A pale, ashy blonde.
A close-up of a swatch of Bondi Blonde hair extensions.

Bondi Blonde

A dark ashy root blending into an ash blonde.
 A cute girl with blonde hair poses for the camera.

Bright Blonde Edit

The Bright Blonde Edit in Silky Straight features golden, complexion enhancing hues. Perfect for adding bright undertones to your blonde installs. Includes Aspen Blonde, Mojave Blonde, and Bondi Blonde.
A model with brunette hair extensions in a blue sweater smiles at the camera.

Brunette Edit

The Brunette Edit in Silky Straight is comprised of rich brunettes with radiant hues. Add medium blonde highlights to your looks with this Edit. Includes Southampton, Milan, and Cape Town.
Bunches of hair extensions lie next to each other on the table.

Brushing Guide

Learn how to properly brush hair extensions to prevent matting and tangling.
A woman with curly blonde hair extensions takes a selfie.

Buttery Blonde Edit

Create the perfect, natural-looking blonde with the Buttery Blonde Edit in Silky Straight. It features a dark blonde base with warm highlights, resulting in a look that’s full of movement. Includes Saint Tropez Blonde, Santorini Blonde, and Sahara Blonde.
A close-up of a swatch of Cannes Blonde hair extensions.

Cannes Blonde

This low-maintenance blonde combines a dark root with platinum blonde and silvery, ashy tones, offering your clients a graceful summer grow-out.
A close-up of a swatch of Cape Town hair extensions.

Cape Town

A medium brunette root blending into a dark, beige blonde.
A close-up of a swatch of Carmel Blondehair extensions.

Carmel Blonde

A soft-rooted honey blonde, perfect for adding warmth to any installs, ensuring the most natural, seamless blends.
A close-up of a swatch of Casablanca hair extensions.


A deep, chestnut brown with warm undertones to add depth and dimension to your installs. Exclusively available in Textured Wavy and Textured Curly.
A close-up of a swatch of Chelsea hair extensions.


A warm, medium brown.
Three bundles of different brunette-colored hair extensions on a white background.

Cool for Summer Edit

The Cool for Summer Edit in Beach Wave provides rich tones with effortless dimension. Create the perfect deep, warm brunette with golden undertones. Includes Southampton, Portofino, and Dubai.
 Color ring of examples of hair extensions on a white background.

Color Ring

Complete with real hair from our wefts, the Color Ring provides the ultimate insight into the shades and blends of each color– now featuring each color category and our latest color innovations. Investing in an updated Color Ring every few years is a great way to stay up to date with our latest color innovations for the best client consultations.
Five bundles of straight cut-point hair extensions lie next to each other.


Our proprietary cut-point wefts allow stylists to cut and tailor the extensions to fit each client’s head (Because the hair is hand-tied with string when you cut in the middle of a hand-tied weft, it begins to unravel. However, our cut-points are small knots at the end of the weft that allow for stylists to make adjustments without unraveling).
Black Discovery Kit box with hair extension tools.

Discovery Kit

Covet & Mane’s Discovery Kits contain the ultimate essentials to help you get started and elevate your artistry. We currently offer three Discovery Kits: Best of Blondes, Best of Brunettes, and Covet Team Picks. Each kit comes with 18” wefts, including six 60g packs of hand-tied Cut-Point Wefts and one 60g pack of our machine-injected Coveted Weft, along with essential tools to create stunning transformations.
A close-up of a swatch of Dubai hair extensions.


A dark brunette root featuring lowlights that blend into a medium, ashy brunette.
A close-up of a swatch of Dublin hair extensions.


A true ginger, featuring golden undertones and copper hues to create a warm red blend.
A close-up of a swatch of Edinburgh hair extensions.


A true copper-toned red.
Edits Hair Extensions of different colors on hangers on a white background.


Curated bundles that showcase our top-selling colors and textures from each collection. The Edits allow you to try out different combinations and experiment with endless blends, providing a valuable opportunity to explore our colors, textures, and blends without making a major commitment and purchasing full packs.
Black Full Guides Card.

Fall Maintenance Guide

Share this guide with your clients to ensure they maintain and protect their hair extensions as the weather changes and the air becomes cooler.
A close-up of a swatch of Frenchman's Cove hair extensions.

Frenchman’s Cove

A dynamic golden brown with sun-kissed caramel highlights, offering a warm and inviting hue and exclusively available in Textured Wavy and Textured Curly. This shade brings a vibrant yet natural-looking dimension to any style, ensuring a flawless blend with a variety of brown tones.
Three Golden Hour Bronde Edit hair extensions on a white background.

Golden Hour Bronde Edit

Create an elevated, natural look with the Golden Hour Bronde Edit in Beach Wave. Enhance your bronde installs with added depth and warmth. Includes Cape Town, Milan, and Chelsea.
A close-up of a swatch of Inverness hair extensions.


A brunette with hints of copper blended throughout the weft.
A close-up of a swatch of Isle of Skye hair extensions.

Isle of Skye

A deep, rich red.
A close-up of a swatch of Laguna Blonde hair extensions.

Laguna Blonde

A medium-ashy blonde blending into a pale blonde.
A close-up of a swatch of Laguna Blonde Baby Root hair extensions.

Laguna Blonde Baby Root

A subtle ¼” medium-ashy blonde baby root blending into a pale blonde.
A close-up of a swatch of Lisbon hair extensions.


A rich dark brown with warm undertones. Lisbon's deep brown root subtly fades into a dimensional, golden brown toward the bottom of the weft.
A close-up of a swatch of London hair extensions.


Our darkest shade of black. London is uniform and intense with cool undertones for a dark and glossy look.
A close-up of a swatch of Maderia Blonde hair extensions.

Madeira Blonde

A dimensional honey blonde with warm, buttery tones.
A close-up of a swatch of Malibu Blonde hair extensions.

Malibu Blonde

A golden, pale blonde.
A close-up of a swatch of Milan hair extensions.


A dark brunette root with a highlighted effect into a medium ash-blonde.
A close-up of a swatch of Mojave Blonde hair extensions.

Mojave Blonde

A cooler, ashier blonde.
A close-up of a swatch of Montreal hair extensions.


A medium brown shade with warm undertones. Montreal features subtle hints of golden and copper tones, offering radiance and vibrancy.
A close-up of a swatch of Natural hair extensions.


Our deepest, dark brown.
Three different Natural Edit textures on a white background.

Natural Edit

Arriving in the natural hair pattern & color from the donor, the Texture Edit is perfect for blending multiple textures together in one install. Includes Textured Curly, Textured Wavy, and Textured Kinky Blowout.
A close-up of a swatch of Newport Blonde hair extensions.

Newport Blonde

Newport is a true bronde, designed to help you achieve natural blends with both your brunette and blonde clients and can be added to any level of color to create a lived-in look.
A close-up of a swatch of Nissi Blonde hair extensions.

Nissi Blonde

A rooted, softer honey blonde with warm, buttery tones.
A close-up of a swatch of Portofino hair extensions.


A dark, yet golden brunette.
Red edit hair extensions: swatches and model with red hair.

Red Edit

Get to know our signature reds in a curated Edit in Silky Straight. The Red Edit includes Isle of Skye, Edinburgh, and Nissi Blonde, designed for you to create vibrant and dimensional red looks.
A close-up of a swatch of Sahara Blonde hair extensions.

Sahara Blonde

A light brown with underlying warmth.
A close-up of a swatch of Saint Tropez Blonde  hair extensions.

Saint Tropez Blonde

Featuring a warm root with a softer blend of golden undertones throughout.
Sandy Blonde Edit bun hair Extensions on white background.

Sandy Blonde Edit

The Sandy Blonde Edit offers a harmonious blend of three exquisite blonde shades, tailored to deliver a natural, beach-inspired look. Perfect for introducing a light, airy dimension to your blonde installations.
A close-up of a swatch of Santiago hair extensions.


A medium, ashy brunette.
A close-up of a swatch of Santorini hair extensions.

Santorini Blonde

A warm, golden blonde with dark lowlights.
A close-up of a swatch of Sierra Blonde hair extensions.

Sierra Blonde

Featuring a medium brunette root with medium, golden highlights.
A close-up of a swatch of Southampton hair extensions.


Our darkest brunette.
Styling guide card.

Styling Guide

Learn expert tips and tricks for handling hair extensions while styling your hair.
Summer Maintenance guide witn a blonde woman on the card.

Summer Maintenance Guide

This guide shares important insights for keeping your hair extensions tangle-free and healthy during the warm summer months.
Three Wavy and Golden Sunkissed Blonde Hair Extensions.

Sunkissed Blonde

The Sunkissed Blonde Edit in Beach Wave features warm, golden hues. This Edit is perfect for adding buttery, dimensional tones to your blonde installs. Includes Sahara Blonde, Bali, and Nissi Blonde.
Five different textures of hair extensions on a white background.

Textures by Covet & Mane

First-of-its-kind hand-tied textured wefts made from virgin and colored Indian Temple hair with the natural wave pattern from the donor, ideal for those with fluffy yet frizzy, wavy hair. Available in Textured Kinky Blowout, Textured Curly, and Textured Wavy.
A woman with curly brunette hair extensions in a top poses for the camera.

Textured Curly

For clients with fluffier, textured hair with 3a-3b hair patterns.
A beautiful model smiles at the camera in a black top and beard.

Textured Kinky Blowout

Crafted to blend perfectly with clients’ natural 4b-4c blown-out hair.
A girl in a white shirt smiles at the camera, playfully holding her hair extensions.

Textured Wavy

For clients with fluffier, textured hair with 2b-2c hair patterns.
The woman stands sideways, showing off her high ponytail.

The Coveted Tape

Experience the revolution in hair extensions with The Coveted Tape Collection. This exceptional product combines the artistry of Brazilian hair techniques with the unparalleled quality of Covet & Mane. Designed for those who seek fullness and versatility without compromise, these extensions are a game-changer in the world of hair styling. Available as one continuous, 29” weft in 18” & 22” lengths in Silky Straight.
Model with long blonde hair at a photo shoot.

The Coveted Weft

A machine-injected weft that combines the coveted features of hand-tied and machine wefts. The Coveted Weft combines the strength of machine wefts and the flexibility and weightlessness of hand-tied wefts. Available in select colors in Silky Straight and Beach Wave.
A close-up of a swatch of Tokyo hair extensions.


A medium brown with light golden undertones, creating a natural and warm look.
Black and white Washing Guide card.

Washing Guide

Our comprehensive guide shares expert tips for properly washing your hair extensions.
Winter Maintenance Guide with signatures and a picture of the stylist on the card.

Winter Maintenance Guide

As our Founder, Dafina Smith, says “There’s Hair Care, and then there’s Winter Hair Care.” Our guide includes everything you and your clients need to know to keep their hair extensions hydrated and fresh during the dry winter months.