Why Covet & Mane® Stands Out in Every Strand

Discover the Superior Choice in Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

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The Best Bellami Alternative

Bellami is discontinuing its hand-tied hair extensions, now is the perfect time to find a high-quality alternative. Covet & Mane® is the top choice for professionals seeking the best in hair extensions.

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Why Choose Covet & Mane®

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The Quality is in the Details

Our hair is sourced by second-generation hair extension expert Dafina Smith, prioritizing quality over profit margins to ensure you receive the best hair extensions without compromises. Using Double Drawn Remy Hair, you need to purchase less of our hair to achieve covet-worthy installations every time.

Two stands of hair extensions with a variety of colors and textures from Covet & Mane.

Intentional Variety and Selection

We offer a wide array of textures to accommodate a global and multicultural clientele. Our curated range of shades is selected to work synergistically to create dimensional and customized tones for clients. We trust the experts and work with top stylists to ensure the selection meets client needs. All C&M blonde, bronde, and select expensive brunette tones are made with blue-based hair to ensure the color doesn't fade or run brassy.

A woman with blonde gorgeous wavy hair extensions wearing a white jacket.

Professional Exclusivity

At Covet & Mane®, our hair extensions are available exclusively to professionals. Our confidential pricing ensures that your clients will not have access to the same hair, allowing you to maintain your professional markup and honor your expertise and artistry.

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Discover The Covet & Mane® Difference

Discover The Covet & Mane® Difference

We're held in the highest regard by the best salons because our partnerships are rooted in shared values. Our partners rely on us for the best hair extensions and we're only as good as the professionals who install them. This synergy is something we take seriously.

A model with brunette hair in the process of getting her hair extensions from an expert stylist.
Discover The Covet & Mane® Difference

Coveted for a Reason

Exclusively sold to certified and vetted professionals. Once you are accepted to our Coveted Collective, you are part of our team of passionate and talented stylists, and our dedicated concierge team is available to assist you every step of the way.

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Discover The Covet & Mane® Difference

Your Business is Your Business

C&M maintains confidential pricing to allow for professional markup. Plus, our products are consistently in stock, from weft shades to the tools and essentials needed for a professional installation – we won’t leave you hanging. With thousands of client testimonials, we can promise your clients will love our hair on day one, but be obsessed with it by day 300.

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Ready to experience the Covet & Mane® difference?

Fill out a brief application, and our concierge will set up a time to help you match your current hair extensions to the best colors and lengths within Covet & Mane®.

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Elevate Your Craft with Covet & Mane® Hand-Tied Extensions

Join the elite circle of professionals who trust Covet & Mane® for their hand-tied hair extensions. Apply now and elevate your craft with the finest hair extensions available.

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