Stylist Essentials: Must-Have Tools for Excellence Behind the Chair

Covet & Mane® Accessories

Accessories for hair extensions lie on a white background.

Covet & Mane® Garment Bags

Stylish and functional solutions for protecting and transporting your hair extensions with ease.

Hangers Bags with hair extensions hang on a bar on a white background.
Covet & Mane® garment bags

Protective Storage: Covet & Mane® Garment Bags for Salon Essentials

Our garment bags are a salon staple. Use these to keep customer investments safe. Perfect for storing & maintaining your rotating stock.

Hangers Bags with hair extensions lie on top of each other.

Covet & Mane® Hangers

Elevate your salon presentation with our sleek and durable hangers, designed to showcase and protect your hair extensions in style.

 Black hangers with Covet & Mane® lettering lie on a white background.
Covet & Mane® Hangers

Branded Hangers for Hair Extension Care

We offer our sleek Covet & Mane® branded hangers in sets of five. Each hanger consists of solid metal, polished hardware and wood clamps that will not damage hair.

Covet & Mane® Tote Bag

Your stylish and practical solution for carrying and storing your hair extension essentials on the go.

Stylish black totee bags with the Covet & Mane® inscription.
Covet & Mane® Tote Bag

The Stylish Staple for Salons Everywhere

Discover our minimalist branded tote bags, a favorite among our salon partners. Versatile and stylish, they're perfect for customer giveaways and thoughtful gifts.

A practical black tote bag on a white background.

Covet & Mane® Smock

The perfect blend of style and functionality for salon professionals, ensuring a polished and professional appearance while working.

A professional black smoke folded neatly on a white background.
A black smoke for professional work on a white background.
Covet & Mane® Smock

Enhance Your Salon Experience with Covet & Mane® Smocks for Comfort and Style

The Covet & Mane® smock immediately adds a touch of class and comfort to the salon experience. Make longer customer visits feel that much more like a spa experience. These smocks are an easy way to create an elevated sense of being in the salon chair.

Stylish Functionality: Elevate Your Salon Experience with the Covet & Mane® Tote Bag

The Covet & Mane® Tote Bag is the perfect accessory for stylists on the go. With ample space and durable construction, it effortlessly accommodates all your hair extension essentials while adding a touch of sophistication to your salon style.

An elegant woman holds a Tote bag by Covet & Mane® in her hands.