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The Uncommon Mane

At The Uncommon Mane, we embody authentic, confident, and natural beauty, guided by our core values of integrity, transparency, honesty, skill mastery, and leading with love. Our vibe? Imagine the laid-back essence of Northern California mixed with Southern California's sunny spirit, finished with a Tulum twist.

Two stylish men at a boat Marina.
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It's All in the Name

What sets us apart is not just our mastery over hair but our commitment to providing a private and intimate experience, carefully selecting the energy that enters our space. Since 2019, our exclusive partnership with Covet & Mane, has allowed us to showcase our talents globally, teaching and collaborating on various platforms.

A stylish man in a hat looks sideways against the background of a window overlooking the marina boats.
A fashionable man in a hat and jewelry looks at the camera with squinted eyes.

An Aspiration for More Beauty and Deeper Relationships

We're most proud of the deep relationships we've nurtured and the unique niche we've carved out in the beauty industry. Our work has graced magazines, television, global campaigns, movies, and runways, a testament to our dedication and passion. At the heart of it all, we do what we do to bring more beauty into the world, one head at a time, committed to our guests and the craft we love.

First and Foremost, Driven by Values

We are guided by our values and a deep desire to convey a consistent vibe anchored in love and respect.  We believe that we can help our clients realize transformations that improve their lives and elevate their emotional well being. Seeing our work boost our customer's confidence drives us. In many cases, it goes well beyond that and amounts to something much more.

A man is in the process of taking a photo with the camera.
 A stylist in a black hat holds a camera in his right hand.
Q&A with Ian & Lo

What does The Uncommon Mane represent?

We represent Authentic, confident, natural beauty.

What are the core values?

Integrity, transparency, honesty, Skill Mastery, and to always lead with Love. The vibe?

2 Parts Norcal, 1 Part SoCal, with a Tulum twist on the rim.

What can one expect?

An Uncommon Experience & life altering transformations.

What’s your philosophy?

Wild beginnings, uncommon endings.

What has it been like or what does it mean to you to partner with C&M?

C&M has been our exclusive Hair Distributor since its inception in 2019. C&M was one of the first Brands to see something in us and extend opportunities to teach, collaborate and show the world what we have to offer.

What are the three things that set your salon apart?

1)Legitimate Masters of our Craft.

2)Private & intimate hair extension experience.

3)We hand select the energy we bring into our space.

What is the thing you’re most proud of?

We are most proud of the relationships we have curated over the years and to have built a brand that is so unique within our own niche in the Beauty Industry, having our work featured in Multiple magazines, on Television, multiple Global Campaigns, Movies, and runways have been such a blessing.

Why do you do what you do?

It gives us an opportunity to bring more beauty into the world one head at a time.

What are you committed to?

We are committed to our Guests, turning out fabulous hair, and continuing to do what we love as long as we can

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Two stylists in the process of doing hair extensions on a model.