Dublin is a vibrant expression of a true, warm ginger. Its golden undertones are interwoven with copper hues, creating a seamless red blend that glows. Dublin’s warmth combined with its copper elements ensure a dynamic and engaging look for your red clients. This shade is perfect for your clients who wish to embrace the warmth and radiance of a ginger hue with a sophisticated and modern twist.

Hand-Tied hair extensions against a white wall.

Dublin as Seen on Customers

Created by Ashley Kolan at Luxe Extensions Co


A True Ginger, Featuring Golden Undertones and Copper Hues to Create a Warm Red Blend

“Dublin is the perfect jumping-off point to create a stunning strawberry blonde or copper shade for your clients. I love using it my red installs!” – Sarah Moscato-Goodpaster at Witch Hazel Salon

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The Coveted Weft in Silky Straight

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