Laguna Blonde Baby Root

The Laguna Blonde Baby Root features a ¼” medium-ashy blonde tap root. This baby root is perfect for your clients that want to achieve a fully highlighted look without the appearance of significant regrowth, offering a fresh and polished look. The strategic placement of the baby root ensures that the transition from root to tip is gradual and natural, enhancing the overall highlighted effect.

Hand-Tied hair extensions against a white wall.

Laguna Blonde Baby Root as Seen on Customers

Created by Sassy Medchill at Goldie & Co

Laguna Blonde Baby Root

A Subtle ¼” Medium-Ashy Blonde Baby Root Blending into a Pale Blonde

“I love using the Laguna Blonde Baby Root in my bright blonde installs! Laguna has a perfect neutral baby root to create that solid platinum blonde look for my clients that want to feel as blonde as possible.” – Ian Sannicolas, The Uncommon Mane

Laguna Blonde Baby Root Pairs Well with

Amalfi Blonde
Bondi Blonde
Blonde Zero
Laguna Blonde Baby Root is Available in

18" & 22"
The Coveted Weft in Silky Straight

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