Natural is a rich and deep, dark brown that provides a luxurious and full-bodied look. This shade is ideal for clients seeking a strong, base color that imparts a sense of depth. The dark brown hue is consistent, offering a uniform look. Whether you use Natural as the primary color in your install or to add depth to other shades, Natural is the ultimate choice for a bold, brunette statement.

Hand-Tied hair extensions against a white wall.

Natural as Seen on Customers

Created by Lilybeth Vargas at Duo Salon


Our Deepest, Dark Brown

“Using Covet & Mane’s® Natural brunette shade is the key to a seamless blend because in the world of beauty, authenticity is the canvas upon which true confidence is painted.” – Lilybeth Vargas at Duo Salon

Natural Pairs Welll with

Natural is Available in

10", 14", 18", 22", 26"
The Cut-Point Weft in Silky Straight

18" & 22"
The Coveted Weft in Silky Straight

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