Newport Blonde

Newport Blonde is a sophisticated bronde that’s perfect for achieving a seamless blend with both brunette and blonde clients. Newport's root provides a depth that anchors the lighter balayage highlights, which blends into a sun-kissed blonde. The warm and cool tones are interwoven to create a bronde that is neither too ashy nor too golden, making it a versatile choice for clients that want a color that is both dynamic and understated. Whether it’s adding a touch of warmth to a brunette or a hint of richness to a blonde, Newport Blonde is designed to complement and enhance the natural beauty of your client’s hair.

Newport Blonde as Seen on Customers

Created by Claire Egurrola at Claire Colors

Newport Blonde

Newport Blonde is a True Bronde, Designed to Help You Achieve Natural Blends with Both Your Brunette and Blonde Clients and Can Be Added to Any Level of Color to Create a Lived-In Look

“I love Newport because it bridges the gap between Covet & Mane’s® brunette and blonde shades. Newport is the perfect blend that can be added to any level of color to create a natural, live-in look!” – Taylor Blades at Blades Styling

Newport Blonde Pairs Well with

Cape Town
Aspen Blonde
Newport Blonde is Available in

18" & 22"

The Cut-Point Weft in Silky Straight

18" & 22"
The Coveted Weft in Silky Straight

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