Portofino is a rich and golden dark brown that creates an “expensive brunette” look. This shade is perfect for clients in search of a solid base color that also offers a sense of depth and dimension. Portofino’s dark brown tone is even and reliable, bringing out the complexity of our balayage colors when it is blended with other brunette wefts.

Hand-Tied hair extensions against a white wall.

Portofino as Seen on Customers

Created by Sarah Moscato-Goodpaster at Witch Hazel Salon


A Dark, Yet Golden Brunette

“I love working with Portofino because it’s the perfect brunette shade to add extra dimension and it makes a great base for brunettes!” – Trista Atherton at The Main St Salon

Portofino Pairs Well with

Cape Town
Portofino is Available in

14", 18", 22"
The Cut-Point Weft in Silky Straight

18" & 22"

The Cut-Point Weft in Beach Wave

18", 22", 26"
The Coveted Weft in Silky Straight

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