Natural-Looking Results with Our Tape-In Extensions

Maximum Success in Hair Extensions with The Coveted Tape

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A woman with long blonde hair and a white jacket with feathers fixes her hair.
Strategic Insights for Growth

Revolutionizing Extensions

Survey-Driven Innovation: In a survey of Covet & Mane® accounts, over 58% of stylists expressed dissatisfaction with traditional tape-ins, citing difficult removal, potential hair damage, and limited aesthetic appeal. Our response? The Coveted Tape. Engineered to overcome these barriers and redefine the standards for hair extensions, these groundbreaking tape-in wefts make you the hero in your client’s story.

Capitalize on Bridal Demand with The Coveted Tape

Seize the Opportunity: 60% of brides consider hair extensions essential for their wedding day. Incorporate The Coveted Tape to unlock a lucrative bridal market, enhancing your salon’s offerings and attracting a broader clientele.

A model with blonde hair extensions ribbons holding a tote bag from Covet & Mane.
A woman with long blonde hair and a white jacket with feathers fixes her hair.

Maximize Your Profit Potential

Premium Pricing Power: Stylists with extension services can earn up to 7x more than those without. Don't miss out on this lucrative opportunity to elevate your revenue streams and establish your salon as a leader in the industry.

Key Benefits of The Coveted Tape:
  • Easy Application: Saves time and reduces labor costs.
  • Natural Look: Appeals to a wider range of clients and achieves the curtain effect of a hand-tied installation with the ease and simplicity of tape-in wefts. 
  • Durability: Minimizes replacements and maintains quality, ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business.
  • Elevate your service menu: Leverage The Coveted Tape to enhance client satisfaction and increase your earnings through strategic pricing and superior service offerings.
  • Earning Potential:
    - Day 1 return on investment
    - $450 average profit from first service (including cost of hair)
    - Minimum $1200 of repeat revenue per client. (based on 6x reapplications per client = complete hair life cycle)
The stylist gently trims the model's grown hair.
Close-up of the model's head with tape-ins extensions using clips.
Growth Extension Demand

The demand for hair extensions is on a steep incline, with forecasts predicting further expansion. Stylists incorporating The Coveted Tape report an enriched client base and higher booking rates, especially given its reputation for maintaining a natural look. This positions saIons to capitalize on the growing demand efficientLy. The Coveted Tape, with its innovative design and superior quality, ensures stylists meet this demand head-on, providing a competitive edge in the thriving hair extension market.

The Academy  | e-Learning & Certification Courses
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The Coveted Tape Mastery: Elevate Your Hair Extension Skills

Become a certified expert in The Coveted Tape. Available online now. Join The Coveted Collective for access to premier training & education courses and learn everything from the Art of the Consultation to mastering your skills in hair extension artistry.

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Take Your Skills to the Next Level

Seeking more hands-on training with The Coveted Tape? We’re coming to a city near you. Find out more information about our live workshops for salons & groups. Coming Fall 2024.

Unlock Essential Resources for The Coveted Tape

Discover everything you need to excel with The Coveted Tape. From expert installation techniques to maintenance guides and profitability strategies, our resources are tailored to elevate your skills and salon success. Explore our resources page now to enhance your expertise in tape-in extensions.

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Discover The Coveted Tape Stylists Directory

Looking for skilled stylists near you who specialize in The Coveted Tape collection? Our curated directory features top salons and stylists dedicated to delivering exceptional results with our innovative tape-in extensions.

Join The Coveted Tape Tour

Join us on The Coveted Tape Tour to gain hands-on experience with Covet & Mane®'s latest innovation. This multi-city tour features live demonstrations, interactive training sessions, and exclusive events. Connect with fellow professionals, expand your network, and celebrate the launch of our revolutionary tape-in extensions. Stay tuned for tour dates and locations.

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