Hair Extensions Styling and Maintenance Guide

Ultimate Guide to Covet & Mane Extension Care

Elevate your hair care routine and maintain the luxurious allure of your Covet & Mane extensions with our expertly curated styling and maintenance guide. Ensuring the longevity and beauty of your extensions starts with adopting the right maintenance and styling practices. Discover the secrets to flawlessly maintaining your extensions below.

Mastering the Art of Drying

Perfecting the Pre-Styling Technique

Unlock the potential of your extensions starts with the drying process after you shower. Begin by rough drying your hair using your hands, allowing you to remove the majority of the moisture gently. This method is not only time-efficient but also prevents excessive pulling or stress on your extensions. When your hair is approximately 85% dry, transition to using a round brush. This technique helps in smoothing out your hair, paving the way for a sleek and polished finish.

Styling Like a Pro

The Secret to Heat Styling

Heat styling is an art, and like any masterpiece, it requires a protective layer. We encourage you to use heat protectants to shield your extensions from potential damage. To apply, dispense the product onto your hands and gently distribute it through the ends of your hair. This practice not only safeguards your hair from heat but also keeps it hydrated and nourished, ensuring the extensions remain luscious and vibrant. Remember, the roots of your hair are naturally protected by your scalp's oils, so focus the product on the ends where extra care is needed.

Navigating Hair Products

Choosing What’s Best for Your Extensions

While selecting your hair care products, it's crucial to understand which ones complement your extensions. Steer clear of hair masks, high-protein formulations, and Moroccan oils. These products may lead to protein buildup on the scalp and can alter the color of your extensions, often adding an unwanted warm tone, particularly noticeable in blonde shades.

Selecting the Right Tools

Gentle Styling for Lasting Beauty

The tools you choose can make a significant difference in the health and appearance of your extensions. Avoid round brushes and those with bristles featuring balls on the ends, as they can stretch, break, and entangle your hair. Instead, opt for styling tools designed to respect and preserve the integrity of your extensions, ensuring each strand remains smooth and resilient.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Steering Clear of Heavy Oils and Silicones

Heavy oils and silicones might offer a temporary sheen, but they can weigh down your hair, leading to a look that's dull, dry, and tangled. Elevate your hair care regime by selecting premium products rich in nourishing properties. These selections should hydrate without stripping moisture, maintaining the natural bounce and shine of your Covet & Mane extensions.

By integrating these refined practices into your hair care routine, you ensure that your Covet & Mane extensions remain as captivating and luxurious as the day they were expertly installed. Revel in the beauty and confidence that comes with flawlessly maintained extensions.