The Coveted Tape Installation & Removal Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Installing and Removing The Coveted Tape Hair Extensions

Transform your hair extension services with The Coveted Tape - the premium choice for stylists seeking precision, durability, and client comfort in tape-in extensions. Follow our step-by-step guide for flawless application and removal, ensuring a stunning transformation every time.

How to Install The Coveted Tape

Step 1: Precise Parting and Sectioning

Begin by parting the client's hair neatly. A clean and neat part is a critical first step in applying tape-in hair extensions that blend with the client's natural hair.

Pro Tip: Lightly peel the tape's edges to expedite the tape-in application, enhancing both stylist efficiency and client comfort.

Step 2: Expertly Sandwich theWeft

Next, position the bottom weft under a thin section of hair, then carefully align the top weft to create a secure sandwich. This technique ensures the tape-in extensions provide dense and voluminous results.

Pro Tip: Use a horseshoe pattern when placing the bottom weft to ensure it contours seamlessly to the head, providing a natural hair extension appearance with no lifting or uncomfortable angles.

Step 3: Secure, Press, and Seal

After sandwiching the wefts, press the wefts firmly to activate the adhesive, which is essential for the long-lasting hold clients expect from premium tape-in hair extensions. Use our Tape Press tool to ensure the adhesives are properly attached to the hair.

Pro Tip: Use targeted pressure with one finger to avoid any bulging, ensuring the tape-in extensions blend flawlessly with the client's natural hair.

How to Effortlessly Remove Tape-In Hair Extensions

This gentle removal process protects the client's natural hair while ensuring you can reuse The Coveted Tape for reapplication.

Step 1: Apply Extension Release Solution Generously

Start by saturating the tape and the top of the weft with our specialized Extension Release Solution, making the tape-in hair extensions removal as effortless as their application. You'll be able to seamlessly detach The Coveted Tape from your client's natural hair, while ensuring their hair stays residue and adhesive-free.

Pro Tip: Use our Microfiber Removal Pad to protect your client's natural hair and absorb excess solution. This pad supports a clean and seamless removal and features a double-sided grip (a velcro side that attaches to the hair for sectioning, & a microfiber side to absorb the Extension Release Solution).

Step 2: Detach the Tape with Care

Ease the tape from the extensions using our Tape Scraper tool in preparation for their next application. The Tape Scraper removes any tape adhesive residue so you can continue to reuse the wefts for up to 6 months.

Pro Tip: Select from Covet & Mane's single-sided or double-sided tape to meet every client's hair extension needs and stylist preferences.

Step 3: Cleanse the Extensions

Completely cleanse the extensions before applying new tape and reapplying to your client's hair.

Pro Tip: Utilize the Covet & Mane hanger for efficient preparation, preserving the extensions' quality for reuse and upholding the high standards expected of luxury tape-in hair extensions.

It's time to level up your services and incorporate The Coveted Tape into your product offerings. Covet & Mane's tape-in wefts will set you apart as a stylist and elevate the client experience with the seamless installation and removal.